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Cost Efficient Marketing : Marketing is the process of creating a gain of interest from prospective customers or clients in your products and/or services. Marketing is definitely a process, since it involves research, promotion, sales and distribution. It all begins with a gain of interest. How can you as a business owner, create a gain of interest. This can partially be achieved through creating brand awareness in combination with consumer education. Welcome to Batal Productions. We are a small Production Company located in the Las Vegas Metro Area. Our goal is to simply connect the everyday average consumer with businesses within their local community. We believe that small business will be the driving force for tomorrow's workforce.

Our goal 2020: Add 960 Service Provider's to our listing

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The Blac & Bleu Book is the official Production Magazine of Batal Productions. We are a small Production Company located in the Las Vegas Metro Area. The goal of our Production Magazine is to connect consumers with businesses in their local community.

Our production magazine is designed and written to present and create an awareness of needs to the consumer, then simply connect them with participating service providers of The Blac & Bleu Book.

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When you choose to list your business in our production magazine, you get the full package. A One time non-refundable set up fee is required plus a monthly subscription fee charged annually. The one-time set up fee covers the cost of your custom designed landing page, fully equipped with a contact form, a variety of media, social media links and links to your official website. Excellent choice for lead generation.

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A 19.99 monthly subscription fee charged annually, is required to list your business. This gurantee your business will be listed in our production magazine on an annual basis, both online and hardcopy. Clients will also receive a custom designed business card which will appear on their digital listing profile, and printed upon request for an additional cost.

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We understand that clientele consistency and retention is an invaluable attribute required to not only stay in but grow your business. Become a Service Provider and get your business listed in our Production Magazine and start connecting with consumers in your local community.

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Batal Productions staff and affiliates would like to ensure that we reserve the right to preserve and grow a virtual business environment consistent with good ethics and practice, excellent customer service and consumer loyalty. In an effort to promote that right we have implemented a minimum standard rating requirement of 3.0 for continued listing in our production magazine. This also ensures that,

-- Dominga L Connell
Senior Contact Center Consultant

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Client acquisition and retention is the life blood of any business. A lack of sufficient clientele can dictate how you do business, where you do business and if you stay in business at all. Client retention is another factor affecting business........... Learn More