To Whom it may concern,

Dawud B.I. Connell
2550 East Chandler Avenue,
Las Vegas Nevada 89120
1(702) 605 - 0426

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Dear Hiring Manager,,

 I am currently a student looking to expand my on my knowledge, skills and experience within the logo design community. The skill I'm looking forward to for further development are listed below.

As an entry level logo designer, I have the ability to generate (a lot of) innovative ideas, that can easily be implemented to inspire a newer, younger market. One of my major focus lies within creating and symbolizing a particular brand or product, through visual planning, identifiable graphics and typography.  

My skill set include
  • Customer service
  • Teamwork
  • Progress management
I also have a team of industry professional at my disposal, readily available to assist me, under contract conditions globally with more connecting with me daily. So If you are in need of my assistance, feel free to contact me or visit my business profile and download a copy and with any questions.

Brian R Connell


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